Ever wanted that dog …

– who walks by your side?
– who comes when called?
– who won’t drag you along on a walk?
– who doesn’t lunge at other dogs or people?
– who doesn’t jump up on your guests?

All of your dog’s behaviours (good and bad) are created by
… the way you interact with them
… what you do with them
… what you don’t do with them
… what you allow them to do

These are all messages your dog receives from you and sometimes you can send mixed messages without realising. After all we’re only human and we make mistakes.

Dogs don’t know that something natural to them like chewing on our things or biting us is not acceptable to us. So we need to be patient and show them how to behave.

We all have such a limited amount of time to spend training our dogs as we get caught up in life, so we’ve made our training sessions fun but effective.

We can help you identify and show you how to send the right messages to your dog with a few simple techniques and strategies.

In these sessions we teach you the skills to teach your dog necessary commands and to help you send the right messages to your dog to get the desired behaviours.

Our training sessions

We have group lessons located in the Inner West and Castle Hill and can also provide private in-home training sessions.
Some of the commands you will learn will be:
“Come” – If you’re planning to take your dog anywhere off leash, we’ll help you perfect their recall.
“Loose Leash” – Dogs of all sizes should learn to walk calmly by your side. Once you learn the technique, your walks will be easier and more pleasant for you and your dog.
“Stay” – A dog who knows how to stay is a good dog.

Training is suitable for all dogs over the age of 5 months.

What to bring:

* a lead/leash

* a flat collar or harness

* Yummy, juicy treats in a training pouch or the like

* Please wear suitable clothing with closed-in flat shoes

** No retractable leads or pronged collars or choke
chains will be allowed

There will discussions around enrichment for dogs and time for questions.

Private training session:      45 minutes
Group training session:       1 hour
** Bookings for group sessions are required **

Our Methodology

We use positive reinforcement methods during our dog walks and training sessions.

The evidence based theory behind positive reinforcement is fairly straight-forward – dogs will repeat good behaviour when it’s followed by a reward (commonly a food treat). Their bad or unwanted behaviour does not get a reward or acknowledgement from their owner. So, if we need to correct an unwanted behaviour, it comes by removing the reward, like a toy or treat being taken away.

Reprimading or physical punishments are never necessary.

Simply put, positive reinforcement training begins with rewarding a desired behaviour, immediately, within seconds after it happens. That way, your dog understands to associate the good behaviour with the reward. We teach you to start with continuous rewards every time your dog does the right thing. Then, gradually move to intermittent rewards as the desired behaviour becomes consistent.

Positive reinforcement requires consistency.
Therefore, everyone in your household needs to use the same commands and reward system.

Commands also need to be short and to the point. Sit. Stay. Come.

Sometimes, because we are humans and we make mistakes, we may accidentally reward bad behaviour, we can help you with understanding timing, marking and rewarding your dogs behaviour.