About me ...
I'm Vanessa and this is my girl Molly.  I also have Banjo who's photo is on the Puppy Pats, he's a bit older now but you can see him on the Social Dog Blog.
I used to work in the corporate area and a friend would often call and offer me a job with her dog walking business.  I was so caught up in the work that I was doing, that I honestly couldn't picture myself walking dogs.  A turning point came one day when I was was having a lunch break in Hyde Park, the realisation that I was just fed up sitting inside four walls all day.  I called my friend from the park and asked if her offer was valid and she said "Yes", I walked back into the office and typed up my resignation.  I worked with her for a few years, I went back to the corporate world for brief time, only to find myself looking out the window and wishing I was out walking around parks and streets even in the rain, yep even in the rain.
Now I'm enjoying even more having my own business with lovely clients both furry and human and I get to do something I love every day.  Molly & Banjo are pretty happy as they get to hang out with me more.

Please email, sms or call for further information on each or all of services.
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